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Pritchard, You SUCK!

This is a page dedicated to why Mike Pritchard is such a jerk. As many of you loyal Broncos fans may recall, Denver played Seattle on 10/11 of the 98 season. During the game, Mike Pritchard, a former Bronco, scored a touchdown. That was painful, but we were ahead, so it was acceptable. What Pritchard did next was a crime against humanity. What was it, you say? HE SALUTED!! Not such a big deal, you say. . .only if you are not a Broncos fan and do not understand the significance of the gesture. Let me expound upon my argument as to why Pritchard, well, sucks!
Updated:If you thought Pritchard was bad, well, the Chiefs' performance on Sunday, 12/6/98, proves that Pritchard has competition for Jerk of the Year. Read On. . .

1. Whenever a touchdown is scored, the other players on the Broncos team will salute the scoring player out of respect and a sense of comraderie. It is used only between members of the Denver Broncos, and is like the secret handshake done by members of an exclusive club. Pritchard violated this gesture which is special to the Broncos, and defiled it with his arrogance.

2. Pritchard saluted out of his dislike for the Broncos. He is envious of the current Broncos players, because he is no longer on the team. Well, I say let him be jealous. We were correct in getting rid of him, because as you will see from Point #3, the Broncos are a respectful and respectable team. We chastised Romanowski for being too rough on certain quarterbacks a few years ago, and he was just playing the game he was being paid for.

3. The Broncos could have run up the score on the Seattle game, BUT THEY DIDN'T. There was a 5-pt. difference when Terrell Davis ran the ball to inside Seattle's 10 yard line. At this point, it would have been cake to score another 7 points. Instead, the Broncos knew that they were the victors, and saw no reason to taunt the Seahawks. Pritchard, however, decided that mocking and taunting the opposing team was an acceptable practice. Well, he is certainly wrong.

Well, this is all I have to say about the incident. I was furious when I saw Pritchard salute, but I guess I fell a little better now. I still say someone should stinkbomb his house, but hey, writing this about him has made me feel better. Thank you for reading my propaganda.

The Chiefs exacerbated me with their excessive use of the treasured salute because they saluted after every marginally good play. I have already ennumerated why I hate when others use the salute, but I could not rant about Pritchard and exempt the Chiefs from the same lecture. Enough said.

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