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And the player of the 1998 Season is. . .

Terrell Davis

(For those of you disappointed that John Elway was not picked, go to our tribute to Elway to see our dedication to him and his career.)

It is no wonder that Terrell Davis' nickname is "TD", as he is the highest-scoring runningback in the 1998 season, as well as the player with the most points on the Denver Broncos (138 pts). On January 9, 1999 Terrell was voted by the Associated Press to be the most valuable player of the 1998 season!! That prestegious honor passed over much talked-about players like Randall Cunningham and Randy Moss before landing in Terrell's lap in a landslide.

Terrell does not just make touchdowns. He obtained this year what he has been striving for for the past two years, but lost to Barry Sanders: the most rushing yards in the NFL's 1998 Season. He not only earned the most yards, in spite of a crushing 29 yard game against Miami, but he also surpassed the 2000 mark, and joined the top 4 rushers (sorry OJ. . . we just feel soooo sorry that Terrell surpassed your yardage). Terrell could always be counted upon to find the smallest of holes to push through to make the first down. He even acted as a receiver when John needed him in the endzone.

In spite of all Terrell's accomplishments, he has not developed the most distressing of all diseases: the big-headed egos and grandiosity of the great ones. He is always willing to share the praise and the glory with the rest of his teammates. He does not brag, and he is not ashamed of his family or his hometown of San Diego, as some players are.

For all of this, we salute you Terrell. Or, if you prefer, we'll do Shannon's pony dance ;)

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