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The Broncos Player of the Week

The Broncos Player of the Week is chosen for his extraordinary effort during each week's game. (This doesn't mean that Terrell will be the player of the week every week, because he would have to show amazing stats. . .well, more amazing than usual). If you would like to nominate a player of the week, or have a player recognized for his improvement or overall excellence, email me and I will post your requests.

Player of the AFC Championship Game, 1/17/99

Cornerback Darrien Gordon

Why? Darrien Gordon, #21, was responsible for two interceptions which both led to scores. After catching one of Testeverde's passes, Gordon returned the ball 18 yards, enabling Elam to kick a 35 yard field goal. Another time, Gordon returned a punt 36 yards to the Jets' 38 yard line, putting the Broncos in prime field position and enabling Elway to get us into the endzone.

Other players were stellar in the game as well. Romanowski seemed to be all over the field, garnering fumble recoveries and basically tackling everything that moved. Terrell Davis found the smallest of holes and found a way to convert what should be a 3 yard play into a 13 yard play. The entire defensive line should be given medals for their outstanding performance and abilities in blocking the rushing game of the Jets. To all, we wish you well in the Superbowl.

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