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Sharpe(84) and Davis(30) salute after a touchdown

Denver Broncos
(perhaps the greatest team in sports history. . .)

Updated 4/2/99


If you have been living is a cave for the past two years, you probably don’t know that the Denver Broncos won Superbowl XXXII, decimating the Green Bay Packers and usurping their title. They then came back the next year to win Superbowl XXXIII in Miami versus the Atlanta Falcons (led by former Broncos coach Dan Reeves). The Broncos, led by QB John Elway, RB Terrell “TD” Davis, and Coach Mike Shanahan, finally earned the accolades denied to them after 4 previous Superbowl losses.

Ed McCaffrey

Hey, everyone. If I had know college would make my life so busy, I would have dropped out to work exclusively on my webpage (just kidding. . .well, maybe if it meant no more chemistry ;). I would like to thank the Hoffmans for feeding my need for Broncos stuff and hooking me up with a Broncos Locker Room tee, and helping my mom get me a Bronco foam head (like Sharpe wears!). Anyway, I have added a Broncos Superbowl 33 picture page, but it is nowhere near as large as I would like to make it in the next month or so. Keep coming back to watch it progress. NEW AS OF 4/2/99: THE 1999 BRONCOS SCHEDULE AND 1999 ROSTER

On February 22, 1999, our baby Terrell Davis was mugged right after leaving the Grammies. How sad is that?!? He wasn't injured, and the robbers were pissed they didn't get any more than $28, but I'm sorry he had to be placed in that situation in the first place.

This is how many awesome and dedicated Broncos fans have visited since 10/08/98. Thanks to everyone who visited before 1/31/99 and helped to make this a "Terrell Davis" year-- a year with 2,000 hits. This is a big accomplishment for me as this is my first time making a web page, and I just learned how to put it together 4 months ago. Thank you, and I hope you come back even in the post-season.

Here's a new Broncos survey, and if you fill it out, you can have your opinion count. Updated on 4/2/99 with new 1999 Season Questions.

WORLD CHAMPS 1997 and 1998

Sexy Shannon SharpeRod Smith
Superbowl MVP Terrell Davis

NEW!! 1999 Season Roster
This includes players from the 1999 Draft

NEW!! 1999 Season Schedule
3 Monday Night Football appearances, a special holiday game, opening with Sharpe's favorite team. . .how can Elway even think of resisting?

Superbowl XXXIII Pictures
The ultimate eye candy for die-hard Broncos fans.

A Tribute to John Elway

"John Elway is the kind of player that actually makes you love the game of football"

Player of the 1998 Season

Find out who is the 1998 Player of the Season, as voted on by you. Come find out who it is. . .

Broncos Cheerleaders Page

Go to Broncos 1998 Schedule
Updated on 1/18/99

Take me to the 1998 Season Player of the Week Page
Updated on 1/18/99

Past Players of the Week, 1998 Season.
Updated on 1/18/99
Come and see who were the former players of the week for their awesome achievements. Time to take a stroll down memory lane. . .

Go to Broncos 1998 Statistics
Updated on 1/18/99

My Poor Babies!

This part of the page will be closed for the off-season

Broncos Images Page! Come visit.

Featuring Photos from the Superbowl, and pre-1997 pictures (you remember those old uniforms, don't you. . .

. . .and for John (Champ, that is), a picture of the Broncos' cheerleaders. Stay tuned!

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